We must all now work towards a PROSPEROUS nation and make Gambia the SWEETEST country on earth. It starts with loving and dying for one another as Gambians.

Let us make sure we correctly treat each other as humanely and dignifiedly as possible. Lets vote base on “character, not tribe, region or religion”.

Jammeh is gone, let’s hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Let us make other nationalities jealous of Gambia and our accomplishments.

Let us sell the image of our country and bring in tourists. I am overwhelmed with emotions because I wish and so wish we can all now work towards a better Gambia where our passports will be respected world over.

We must be matured and respectful in our dealings with each other. We must be truthful and partisan free moving forward. Let us not take pride in embarrassing each other. Let us see an embarrassed Gambian as ourselves in his position and take offend to any national or entity that tries to degrade a Gambian.

Let us never identify or defend or criticise base on tribal affiliation. Let tribal affiliation DISAPPEAR in New Gambia. Let’s intermarry and dismantle phase communities to a diverse and mixed communities. This should be the new challenge of everyone. Please for the sake of our children fiture, born or unborn, let us jealously protect the excellency and rare brid of a Gambian man and woman!

By: Ndey Sarr Guéléwar

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