The Senior Management team of the University of The Gambia has finally been dissolved by the Ministry of Higher Education, weeks after the university’s staff association demand for its members resignation, reliable sources informed

The staff association have accused the SMT of corruption and misplaced priorities, embarking on a sit-down that saw lectures at the country’s highest institution of learning interrupted, as lecturers failed to appear in classes more than two weeks since the start of the crisis.

Confirming the dissolution believed to be made by the Higher Education Ministry, Dr Ismaila Ceesay, president of UTG Faculty and Staff Association and the brain behind the protest, said: “Yes, the SMT has now been dissolved.

“We will convene a congress tomorrow at the MDI during which we will release a statement,” Dr Ceesay said.

Sources said tomorrow’s convergence will also see the discussion of what agreement has been reached during meetings with Higher Education officials.

But Mr Taal, an SMT member and lecturer at the UTG, condemns the ministry’s move, saying they have no “legal authority whatsoever to make such pronouncements.”
Himself a lawyer, Mr Taal added: “It is regrettable the ministry thinks it can solve this issue by taking such actions.”

It doesn’t make any sense, Taal said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the development, Essa Njie, a Graduate Assistant in the institution said news of SMTs dissolution is a welcoming one, adding that the ‘SMT’ in the first place is an “illegal entity” as there exists no provisions in the UTG Conditions of Service which cater for such.

“It [SMTs] is only found in senior secondary schools and not in universities,” Mr Njie argued. “What we know in universities are Governing Council and Senate with the latter as the highest academic decision making body.

I hope all other irrelevant positions will as well be scraped, competent and qualified people be hired for serious work to begin so that the UTG as the country’s highest citadel of knowledge production and dissemination is set on the right footing for the restoration of sanity and academic excellence.”



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