Equatorial Guinea opposition is criticizing the government of President Teodoro Obiang for welcoming former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh to the Central African nation.
The Convergence for Social Democracy Party said Jammeh is not qualified for asylum for causing the political turmoil in the Gambia and will hold Mr. Obiang responsible “for what might occur” as a result of Jammeh’s presence.

“We are not against Pan-Africanism, but we are in favor of a more objective Pan-Africanism that does not consist in just bringing over the waste of Africa,” said Andres Esono Ondo, Secretary General of the CSD party.
Obiang’s government remains mute over Jammeh’s presence.
Jammeh frantically left the Gambia to Equatorial Guinea after last-minute diplomatic efforts to halt the military campaign to depose him.

New President Adama Barrow said on Sunday that state resources appeared to have been depleted when Jammeh fled late on Saturday.
“According to information we received, there is no money in the coffers. It’s what we have been told, but the day we actually take office we will clarify all of it,” Barrow said.
Jammeh airlifted some luxury cars and goods upon fleeing the country.

Obiang, whose son is on trial for graft in France, is Africa’s longest serving ruler. He has ruled the oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, a nation of fewer than 1.3 million people since 1979 and won re-election last year with 93 percent of the vote — a poll criticized as not being free and fair. Human rights groups accuse Obiang of stifling dissent and torturing opponents.

Written by Sam Phatey

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