By Dawda Bayo: Thousands of UDP supporters have voluntarily stormed the residence of the country’s foreign minister , international relation and Gambians in abroad who doubles as the leader of biggest political party (UDP) to show their happiness for the victory ..
The UDP have won 31 constituencies out of 53 in the recent concluded national assembly election that resulted in huge celebrations across the country with areas won by UDP. At his residence at Kairaba Avenue traffic was blocked due to celebration that started on Friday around five after IEC have declared UDP’S victory.

Each of the six UDP parliamentarian candidates that won their seats in Kanifing municipality were accompanied by their supporters to thank the UDP leader and also assure him their absolute loyalty to UDP at national assembly.

Musicians both wollof, mandinka and Fulla were at the scene entertaining the audience that went on till midnight but on Saturday the victory celebration continue on all the six constituencies contested by UDP and won..

This is the third time in 2017, that a similar crowd have stormed the residence of Lawyer OUSAINOU DARBOE’s residence to share their happiness with him on his release from prison, nomination and victory of his candidates.

There is no doubt that UDP is the most biggest political party that have commanded 70% share of the political influence in the country after the recent victory
Also at the scene were top UDP executives including the finance minister, acting VP and almost 22 former APRC NAMs that have cross carpeted to UDP headed by Suku Singateh and Sainey Jaiteh of Baddibu and Serekunda central respectively .

Although president Barrow comes from UDP but did not appear at the residence of UDP leader and thereby honor his neutrality as the independent candidate president serving all parties.

Please follow my next posting to see the video footage of the fighting between UDP leadership and security forces of dictator Jammeh’s paramilitary forces during their peaceful demonstration to get Solo Sandeng death body.

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