On Thursday afternoon I went to the football field as per my daily routine. I was greeted by the dust. I waited for Alfusainey but it seemed that the dust have carried away the spirit of my dear friend he was not present . I waited for hours but my friend was nowhere to be seen in all corners of the field. I was not informed about his absence ,a young hard working and dedicated man who will never miss training for anything.

In a confused state I used the shortcut to his home where I met his cousin, who wore a red Barcelona vest. He broke the news of Alfusainey’s back way journey to Italy. Upon breaking the news his mood was questionable, and can sense anxiety.

With my oversize “foga-jai” jersey italize with the number 8 inspired by McManman. We were never scouted neither do we have videos of ourselves or CDs but in our black and white TVs we don’t only live the experience of being a footballer but dreams of it.

Football exploitation only stop on the shores of Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon etc etc. Where boys have been promised heaven and earth and only to find themselves languishing in worst case scenarios. On this unfounded academics in Africa ,the unfortunate once gets stuck. People with the glimpse of hopes find themselves in Greece, Germany, France but those moves doesn’t turn out to be fruitful.

The backway journey has not only emptied the Kombos but spread all the way to the villages having no clue if Alfusainey and his mates have the motive of changing their conditions of their families or football motivated behind their journey. A journey which the people who have experienced it will say, not even my enemy I will permit to use this route.

I am emotionally runned down and empty as well “endo u ma suma yaye don dem” turned out to be endless funerals. I start to digest this nightmare when I was told the Wallidan players embarked on the same jouney with Alfusainey, coupled with other problems send one of the finest clubs to the Second Division.

On a positive note; Werder Bremen had in their ranks Ousman Manneh who played in the Bundas Liga and even scored fired up our dreams.
Today we have the backway boys playing in Italy, Germany, Spain.

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