The Gambia National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) says fixing the country’s electricity problem may need an urgent bail out financially if not they cannot put the country’s power system on a right footing.

The country’s only source of electricity needs about two hundred and twenty five million dollars ($225m) to fix the never ending problem of the country’s electricity. The management was quick to revealed that four hundred million dalasis (GMD 400,000.000 dalasis) is what institutions and parastatals owe them as total Dept.

As to who are these institutions owing them, the management refused to name names as of now but stressed that the frequent electricity shortage is caused by financial problems as most of it’s power generators are also down says the management during a patrol with journalists at the Kotu and Brikama power plants.

NAWEC says the rumours that ex-president Yahya Jammeh gives the electricity company 50% subvention is unfounded.



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