In a recent telephone interview Seedy Njie , one time Information minister and spokes person for APRC confirmed to me that he is biologically related to president Adama Barrow.

“Our two grand parents are from the same parents I was told recently, I visited him recently and we discussed issues of reconciliation and national interest”

Seedy Njie said its true that he told the media that if president Barrow appoints him he will accept the job as a Gambian who want to contribute to nation building.

“Do not get me wrong, am still APRC and am not cross carpeting, working for the development of my country does not mean in any way that am UDP or supporting their agenda”.

When asked why is he frequently visiting the national assembly lately, he was quick to say that that is his privacy and I shouldn’t ask him such a question.

However it’s alledged that Seedy is claiming his benefits from the National Assembly as a one time nominated member of the house.
He declined to comment on that issue.

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