By Fedrick Tendeng: The cleaning and reorganization of the Gambia Army is about to begin with the conduct of a head check commencing this April 10th. The first step of this exercise will be to ascertain the Gambian citizenship of every soldier currently putting on the Gambian military uniform. Even officers and military of other ranks will undergo the vetting process.

Each military will be therefore required to produce documents such as a national identity card or a passport or any other document that warrants a Gambian citizen while interviews and intelligence cross-checking are on course to confirm all information provided. It’s about clearing the Gambia’s Army from intruders, imposing a security threat to the nation.

Other plans include more professional training for the soldiers about their posture and rebranding their civic role in times of peace as well as their duties as national defense forces in times of national crisis and war. Lots of military capacitating programs will follow for the benefice of the soldiers as part of the restructuring scheme catered for by The Gambia Government and its partners.

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