Gambians both at home and abroad on 18th February 2019, celebrates 54th year of Independence in grand style with events held in Macthaty Squre right in the heart of Banjul taking lead, the exact venue where The Gambian Flag was raises by replacing Union Jack 54 years ago (18th February 1965).

The event presided over by President Adama Barrow and graced by government officials, members of the general public was punctuated by parades by various security outfits in the country, school children mainly drawn from greater Banjul area, cultural groups among other side events held in various locations across the country and beyond.

President Adama Barrow was at hand to deliver a statement to the nation on policies and programs of his government, taking stock of the importance of day and the way forward to achieving objectives of attaining our independence from the Great Britain on the cited date.

He led the nation and the global audience through what many would call line of development packages for the country and humanity at large, successes registered under his two years of leadership, challenges and the way forward.

President Barrow was heard calling on Gambians and non-Gambians to effectively participate in the on-going objectives of the country, citing programs as National Development Plan (NDP) among others meant to get the country where it ought to be.

He spoke about efforts have the whole country electrified within a reasonable time frame, citing launching of the project to that effect through National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (NAWEC). Plans to have a bridge constructed between Banjul and Barra among others were not left out on President Barrow’s statement addressed to the nation and beyond.

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