Gambia's President Adama Barrow is seen in Dakar, Senegal January 20, 2017 after a senior aide confirmed that Gambia's longtime leader Yahya Jammeh has agreed to leave power. REUTERS/Sophia Shadid

The fact is that President Barrow made a mistake in appointing Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang as his vice president because she is over the Constitutional age limit of 65 to hold such offices. But the blame must go to all and so far no one among them dodges the responsibility as far as i know.

Even though Halifa Sallah was not giving direct questions for whatever reason as the spokesperson, his language gave the sense to journalists that there was clearly a mistake.

Sallah said he briefed the president about this public concern on the public spaces concerning Madam Tambajang’s age issue, and the president affirmed that all his acts must be in accordance with the Constitution which he swore to defend. Therefore, the argument from the people will be reviewed.

The fundamental questions are:
(1) Is it deliberate because the appointee must be expected to know the qualification of the vice presidency?
(2) Wasn’t there any consultation among the coalition leaders during this process of Madam Jallow’s appointment?
(3) How does this appointment vetting escaped the Coalition Executive Committee (CEC) as embedded in the Memorandum of Understanding among the parties?

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