By Alagie Manneh: The coastal town of Bakau is witnessing change of hearts of high profile bigwigs from the former ruling APRC party ahead of the much-awaited upcoming parliamentary polls.

Members Alhaji Sosseh Colley, the regional chairman of the party for the KMC, Basiru Gassama, constituency youth adviser, Kaddy Bah Sidibeh, youth mobiliser, and the youth divisional chairman Alhaji Pipie Tangikora are among the latest top dogs to have defected from the party.

The regional chairman told The Standard even though he has quit the APRC, he has no plans any time soon to join another political party.

“I am taking a break from active politics,” Mr Colley sounded rather emotionally over the phone.

Pressed to answer why he spoke at one meeting organised by the UDP, Mr Colley busted, “I will not tell you why I spoke at the meeting. Is it by force to explain myself? In fact, I do not want our conversation published.”

For outspoken politician Bass, he was ‘100%’ APRC.m“But when a change of government came, collapsing the 22-year rule of Jammeh, I changed. And I never hide that,” he said.
The controversial politician, who said he is now with the UDP, also called for a ban on his former party, saying it is exactly what Jammeh did to the PPP and the NCP party following the 1994 coup.

He added that ‘sensible’ Gambians will never stand to advocate the ‘ideology’ of the former ruling party, who have been accused of extreme corruption and heinous crimes.
He was quick to condemn those who said he has been an active propagandist tool of the former government, saying “my support is always for the people’s choice.”

Mr Pipie Tangikora, a prominent youth leader in Bakau, said his defection was based on the fact the UDP shared his vision, which is designed to progress Bakau.

Kaddy Bah Sidibeh, former youth mobiliser of the party, who also said she is now with the Coalition, called on members of her former party, to accept the ‘will of God’ that removed Jammeh from power.

“My message to the youths not the APRC, who only witnessed today… I said we AFPRC, who witnessed yesterday, let’s accept the government of Yahya Jammeh is over and shake hands and be one with the people of the coalition for the betterment of our children and country.”

Reliable sources said members including Aja Sirreh Drammeh of Wasulng Kunda, prominent mobiliser Besi Makalo, head of Yaay Compin Aja Binta Sonko and Aji Yaay Darboe have all defected from the APRC.

And Kaddy Bah added the party no longer have any moral ground or credibility to impact the outcome of any polls in Bakau.

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