Here is exactly what UDP and NRP agreed to when they joined the coalition. “We have agreed to PUT ALL DIFFERENCES ASIDE to put a transitional government in place that would initiate constitutional, electoral, institutional, administrative and managerial reforms that would make justice guide our action towards the common good and further unify our diverse people to create a democratic system which enables EACH PARTY to have equal access to the media and seek the mandate of the people in a free, fair and GENUINE ELECTION AFTER A THREE YEAR TRANSITION.”

But we now know that UDP and NRP did not agree to this in good faith based on their desire to contest parliamentary elections under their own party ticket. To be able to achieve the goals set forth by the coalition, UDP and NRP should remain in the coalition and contest parliamentary seats as part of the coalition. The goal to initiate constitutional, electoral, institutional, administrative and managerial reforms can only be archived through the legislature, and only if UDP and NRP don’t go solo. And if in fact they decide to act on their desire to seek parliamentary seats under their respective party tickets, they will break the agreement, dwarf the goals that were set forth by the coalition, and seriously betray the Gambian trust.

The aim here was to not only unseat Goloh, but to lay a foundation by working together during the three-year transition period and make the necessary structural changes. Gambia first and party second. Anything less will be uncivilized! The only result the UDP and NRP move will guarantee, in my view, is President Barrow’s failure since he was elected as an independent candidate. In addition, it will also compromise Mr. Darboe’s loyalty to President Barrow in the executive. Mr. Darboe cannot have the interest of the coalition in the executive and have UDP’s interest in the legislature, the two conflict. Mr. Darboe is still the UDP leader as far as I know.

Written By: Modou Ndow



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