By a Contributor:The government of the Gambia should consider moving the capital in the future from Banjul to a location that signified national unity and neutrality to spread economic growth. Banjul lacks land for growth. The reason why Banjul is so small is because of its location, on a peninsula at the mouth of the Gambia River with a massive mangrove landscape that makes it hard to expand.

The majority of the buildings and structures in Banjul were built some 3 to 4 decades ago. Have you seen the skyline of Banjul? The only beautiful structure in Banjul is the arch. The market is horrible and the car carriage is the worst. Nothing is really exciting about Banjul, during weeks, it’s a dead city.

The living conditions in Banjul had become squalid due to congestion and aren’t seen as a suitable location anymore. It’s one of Gambia most unhealthy and unsuitable place to live in greater Banjul areas because of its size and congestion.

The government should look ways to spread economic growth and one way to do that is to move the capital from Banjul. There is another reason as well. Building a new capital creates opportunities for many, especially those connected and wealthy, to make more money.

Imagine being able to buy property in areas that have land. Construction contracts can make millions of dalasi, and that means more job opportunities.

What is more troubling about Banjul is its location, historically slave route and very filthy streets. There is only one way going in and out of the capital. According to a Gambian government minister, Banjul is at risk of submerging under water by a meter rise in sea levels as a result of climate change and global warming.

Here is my ideal location for the new Capital the capital city. There is a massive land for development on the west coast of the country.From Tanji, Batukunku, Madina,Tujereng, Kunkujang, keninding, Saibali, Sanyang, Jambajili, Kachuma, Berrending, Gunjur, Jalambang. These are all small villages sitting on the west coast of the country. There is a massive land around this area. This area could be an ideal location for the new capital. The government should look to other location that signified national unity and neutrality especial around Kiang, Jarra, to be at a more central in location.

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