Good Morning & A Happy Friday Mr President.

Before going further, I must first of all congratulate you on your recent European Trip. Moving forward, the main purpose of this letter is to remind you that Gambians and the world at large are eagerly waiting for some of the programmes your government promised. Below are some of those programmes:

1. Truth, Justice and Reconciliation and Commission.
2. Commissions of Enquiries.
3. The Anticipated Think Tanks.
4. The Declaration of Assets by Public Servants.
5. Judicial Review of the Constitution.

Sir, I trust you will soon launch the above promised agenda as priority, which will cement your legacy especially, when you have a very short period to reign in Office (3 years Promised or a Mandated 5 years as per the Constitution).

Sir, Piecemeal, Selective and Appeasement Justice is not the solution address the end of a 22 years of dictatorship which was marred by so many heinous crimes that were perpetuated by the previous regime. Such solution can only create sense of inequity, and dangerous for the long term stability of our country. I trust your Office shall look into these above points with utmost essence.

Sir, as an avid follower of the Social Media Community, I trust the letter shall find you in good health.

Thanks for your attention, as always.

Yours Truly,
A True Lover of Gambia.

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