The Member of Parliment for the opposition stronghold of Foni Kansala in southwestern Gambia, Musa Amul Nyassi says he is concerned about the reinforced presence of West African troops, that were deployed to remove former President Yahya Jammeh, in his region.

A former minister lands and local government minister for Jammeh, said West African forces, mostly from neighboring Senegal are in the Gambia to “protect the country and the president” but should not be in his constituency.

“The high presence of Senegalese soldiers in Foni is a cause for concern. I understand one of their reasons for coming to the country is for the security of the president and his government. So what are they doing in my constituency,” Nyassi stressed.

More West African soldiers were deployed to the Foni region after it became the epicenter of post-electoral violence. Fights erupted between supporters of Jammeh’s APRC party and the UDP, which won an absolute majority in parliamentary polls.

Nyassi, who has vowed to protect the former president’s property, had reportedly denied security forces and investigators from entering Jammeh’s property to reach a well in which two U.S. citizens were allegedly thrown into after their killing.

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