A Minister was caught on cameras and recorders whispering to another minister that the journalists is a PDOIS militant.

If this was in Europe, Amercia or other parts of the world where people care about every little thing their leaders do, these leaders who called a rally in the name of a press conference would have been forced to resign or they eat the humble pie and resign honorably for taking an angry crowd to a press conference and fail to control them.

Watch this video closely and carefully and hear the interior minister, Hon Mai Ahmed Fatty whisper into the ears of the foreign affairs minister, Hon Lawywr Ousainou Darboe that Kebba Jeffang Jnr is a PDOIS militant.

I think as a leader, diffusing the tension was better than whispering those remarks before the cameras and recorders.
Honestly are these the types of leaders we want?
Is this a true reflection of the free press they calling for?

Make your own conclusion. The choice is yours to turn a blind eye to the truth you see.


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