The President of the country, H.E John Dramani Mahama upon all the bashing he is receiving back home, has been honoured by the Diasporan Association For Good Governance (DAGG) for being the best President Ghana has ever had since the days of Nkrumah. The Diasporan Association For Good Governance is a very reputable association located in the United States that has been involved in the examination, analysis and evaluation of African leaders using certain benchmarks employed on leaders in Europe and America. That is to say that these are very high benchmarks. At their 10th annual gathering where they honor World leaders who have helped or are involved in making Africa a model continent, they conferred on the President of Ghana, The International Award For Good Governance or in order words, Best President Award. According to the citation read at the ceremony, President Mahama since ascending the throne as the first gentleman of the nation, has instituted policies and programmes which has seen the country transform from a state of economic hardship to the current state where the average Ghanaian can afford a three-square meal and even have extra money for snacks.

The group indicated that they are indeed overwhelmed by the Presidents extreme and enviable economics knowledge which has spear-headed the transformation. Listing the achievements of the President which lead to their decision, they indicated the value of the cedi. According to the group they employed the services of the World Economic Consortium, a group of Professors, Former Governors and Financial advices who specialize in economic evaluation and gives advice and recommendations, to access the economy of Ghana and the value of the cedi. According to the group, in the report submitted by the consortium, they indicated that the value of the cedi is very high. They explained that when one examines the cedi from the view of an ordinary person, it looks weak but when you examine it from the point of view of an expert economist, you will realise that the perceived weakness and inflation level has been made to trick the foreign community into thinking that the value is low and also to make it seem like the country is poor so they wouldn’t chase the government for loan repayments.

The group stated that, this aspect of the report took them by surprise and actually made them realize the ingenuity and smartness on the part of the Ghanaian President. Touching on infrastructure, they indicated that their studies in the country over the past 2 years, indicates tremendous improvement in infrastructure. First class road networks within cities and between cities and towns, the conversion of schools under trees to schools under canopies, improvement in water supply which in certain areas used to be once a month to once every three weeks, power outages which in the past were unannounced now come with a schedule etc etc. Fuel prices which in the past caused headaches for citizens due to their knowledge of the increases, are now done over the weekend so you only realize it when you buy fuel on Monday. Another ingenuity on the part of the Ghanaian leader. On the whole, the group stated that they are indeed impressed by the performance of President Mahama and are highly honored to award him with the Best President Award.

Receiving the award, the President thanked the association for recognizing his hard work and rewarding him accordingly. He further stated that he has more surprises under his sleeve for Ghanaians. Furtherance he also requested Daddy Lumba’s “Yentie Obiaa to all those who are saying bad things about him. He concluded his acceptance speech by saying, “Ghanafuo, miye sharp roff”.

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