The Kanifing Municipality Sports Committee on Saturday April 8th closed down all the football grounds within its municipality in response to the football federation denying them referees for their 3rd division qualifiers. The shocking news came after the KM executive committee last night held a lengthy discussion before coming up with the final decision to close down all football grounds.

A member of the committee told that the Gambia football federation denied them referees for almost a month and thus they can’t kick start their 3rd division league. ‘The GFF want to try us and we will show them that the football fields belongs to us, just because we did not vote for them during the Congress or we criticize their budget presented to the stakeholders in the last AGM doesn’t mean they will treat us like enemies’ said a KM committee member. We have been knocking at their doors since last month and they ignored us and infact they went on stopping their referees to officiate our games. The referees are theirs but the football parks are ours’ he concluded: contacted Pa Sulay Jobe of the competition department at the football federation about the decision of the KM executive, he responded ‘ This is news to me as we at the GFF did not cancel any game. will follow the development of this story

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