Former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh dumped the delegation he traveled with in a hotel on Saturday evening in Guinea reliable sources told

Jammeh who left The Gambia on Friday 20th January for Guinea Equatorial is not staying with his entire team thus raising alarms as to where he may be.

Mr Jammeh refused to step down after a December 1 election in which Mr Barrow was declared the winner, triggering weeks of uncertainty that almost ended in a military intervention involving five other West African nations.

The long-time leader, wearing his habitual white flowing robes, waved to supporters before boarding a small, unmarked plane at Banjul airport alongside Guinea’s President Alpha Conde after two days of talks over a departure deal.

He landed in Conakry, Guinea’s capital but set off again for Equatorial Guinea, where he will remain in exile.

It could be recalled that Jammeh traveled with a huge entourage numbering to almost fifty people including his immediate family and some close aides.

According to our sources, when Yahya Jammeh and his team arrived, he went with them to a five star hotel located inside the capital but after few hours with them on Saturday evening, he took his mother and wife and left the hotel for an unknown destination inside the country. The team haven’t seen or heard from him since last Saturday and this has worried some of them.

Reliable sources has inform that two members of his delegation are already on their way coming back home.

Mr Jammeh attempted to build a personality cult and has left behind a small minority of diehard supporters, some of whom wept as his plane departed last week.

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