A respected Gambian Imam Baba Leigh, has heaped praises for the leader of the opposition PDOIS party Halifa Sallah, describing him as one of the formidable pillars, which facilitated the recent change of dictatorship to democratic rule. Imam Leigh, was speaking on Monday, during Seedy Ceesay’s Sen-Politics show aired on Freedom Radio Gambia. The Imam believes that the recent change could happen thanks to the immense contribution of the diaspora, Gambians on the ground, friends of the Gambia, and Mr. Sallah, a man he described as a true patriot, interested in the welfare of Gambians.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Halifa Sallah. Mr. Sallah, is an agent of change. Here is a guy, who puts country, before party, family or individualistic interest. When the country was on the verge of being thrown into political turmoil, it was Halifa, who was on the forefront to maintain the mantle of leadership. He was able to mobilize, unite the country together, especially the opposition in times of desperate need for change. It was Halifa, who said Jammeh would be rebel at the end of his term if he fails to relinquish power. In my view, Halifa, deserves nothing other than a big thank you from Gambians. He has saved us from a potential crisis. Thank you Halifa for adequately representing our country in times of need,” Imam Leigh said in the Wollof dialect.

Imam Leigh also praised president Barrow, OJ Jallow, Hendry Gomez and others for facilitating the election of president Barrow, as a coalition Independent candidate.

“If someone digs a well, and it benefit others, commonsense dictates that the well digger should be credited for his efforts. How can non well diggers claim to be more committed to the cause, when the well they are drinking from was dug in their absence? Halifa Sallah, OJ, and others dug the well. There wouldn’t have been such a change if the opposition had not come together to defeat Jammeh. President Barrow is the father of the nation. He should not forget what brought him into office. He came into the presidency, as an independent, and not through a party tag. He should not abandoned the very principles that ushered him into office. The coalition government stinks at this hour. What I am smelling stinks. The coalition government is on the verge of total disintegration. And that shouldn’t happen. The president should not allow that to happen. I am yet to meet him since my return from exile. If I meet him, I will tell him how I feel about the current state of affairs,” Imam Leigh noted.

Imam Baba Leigh, maintains that Gambians should vote for candidates associated with the political theory which propelled Barrow into the presidency. Seedy Ceesay reminded him that parties are vying for the National Assembly elections separately.

“That’s rather unfortunate. I am not part of them. I supported a coalition government from the word go. Any attempt to sway from that direction, will no doubt undermine what the coalition formed by Halifa, OJ, and others stand for. Power belongs to the people. Gambians should always embrace unity, patriotism, and national interest in our quest for democratic prosperity,” he said.

Imam Leigh used the interview to thank Gambians from all walks of life for the rousing welcome accorded to him during his recent home return. He promised to serve God, and the entire country.

By Kexx Sanneh


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