Following the announcement made by Mai Ahmad Fatty the Minister of interior that Halifa sallah is no more recognized as the spokesperson of the coalition government led by Adama Barrow, Mr sallah came out public to refute those claims and made it clear that he is still the spokesperson and that he will be hosting a press conference on Tuesday March 7th at the kairaba beach hotel on behalf of the coalition.

Mr sallah was speaking to Paradise FM count down political show were the PDOIS leader refuse to associate himself with Mr Fatty’s statement as he described it as an opinion and words that are not meant to unite people.

It could be recalled that the leader of the Gambia moral Congress Mai Ahmad Fatty on Sunday evening accused Hon. Sallah of misleading Gambians by using his position as the coalition spokesperson to desimination his own idea instead of what they agreed on.

As to what he will be saying to the press in the press conference on behalf of the coalition on Tuesday, sallah refuse to go in details but assured that he will be talking on behalf of the coalition after a meeting was called by President Barrow earlier on Monday to discuss the current political situation of the country.



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