The leader of PDOIS hon Halifa Sallah Saturday evening came public to warn political parties who accuse his party of being anti-coalition that he will reveal the figures and amounts his party deposited during the campaign and money his party deposited for the presidency fee if they don’t stop calling the PDOIS an enemy of the coalition.

In his own words while addressing the press, Mr Sallah made it clear that “the PDOIS will no longer compromise the truth, we have been patient for too long and we will no longer be patient with the truth. Deception is no longer possible. I must say that I will not tell you the figures, what PDOIS deposited for the deposit of the presidential candidate, what PDOIS contributed to the campaign, the funds that PDOIS mobilized for the campaign. If any leader ever said again that PDOIS is an enemy of the coalition, we will reveal what those figures are compared to what they have done Halifa Sallah told Journalists.

This came after three political parties GMC, UDP, NRP last week held a press conference saying they no more recognize Mr Sallah as the spokesperson of the coalition and anything he says is representing his party and own ideas but not in the name of the coalition. Those allegations however came out to be different as Sallah was task by president Barrow few days after those allegations to host a press conference on behalf of the coalition.

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