The coalition spokesperson Halifa sallah have inform the press that the government of the Gambia (coalition) is yet to finalize it’s members identify for the April 6 national Assembly elections. My sallah made these revelations on Thursday evening at the Kairaba beach hotel stressing that any one who wants to be a NAM can go for a form at the IEC but that the coalition government are yet to identify anyone as their is a consoltative meeting going on between the united Nation and the AU regarding the April 6th elections.

“We are still on negotiation with the international bodies (UN,AU) and by tomorrow Friday we will come to a conclusion” Halifa told the press.

Halifa went on to address the electoral bill which according to him made life very difficult for the political parties as the figures attached to the amount (money) for registration ranging from the presidential candidates, NAM candidates and Chancellor’s were too expensive for parties to afford.An emergency bill is currently been drafted to be pass to the national Assembly house inorder to look into that law and possibly make it flexible by reducing the prices of the above mentioned says spokesperson Halifa Sallah.

In the issue of democracy and rule of law, the government is urging all those who’s family members are missing to report to the AG chambers who will go over the reports and set up a committee who will follow all cases to the satisfaction of families Halifa added.

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