The Stone Truth: Security Officers finally told the Family of Chief Ebrima Manneh the truth. He is dead.

This story has been told countless times before but today, the family of the late Daily Observer Journalist – Chief Ebrima Manneh, finally herd the devastating truth form the Security officers. Indeed, he is dead after Yaya Jammeh ordered for him to be killed and thrown away in a well. Still, what vexes me about the this case is how Ebrima’s dad was disrespected by regime. They hurled obscenities and threatened – if he ever dares to come back again to ask about his son, they will [ all explicit deleted ] him.

What bothers me also is the manufactured rebelliousness, the kitschy nostalgic play-acting by same security forces then , about of those missing people- they knew Jammeh ordered killed, but were still playing hide and seek with families. In a sense, it has to take a change of Government for families to know the truth. But spare me the radical pose. It is wrong, wrong and wrong …. No matter what they say. The relied on endlessly recycled talking points , just to keep away those poor families.

I guess what bothers many Gambians is the whole pretense that, these people are bravely speaking truth now and hanging their heads in shame . Isatou Njie Saidy, the nostalgia-besotted “Tusgal lady” , famously said “the man took the Back way” and kept regurgitating this lie over and over again . What’s said is she chair the Security briefing committee.

Meanwhile, the bowel-stewing hypocrisy notwithstanding, what’s amazing is how the same dreck of lies about death Gambians – were recycled as new, fresh and courageous talking points , when they in fact knew they weren’t telling the truth.

Today, the family can asked them for the remains to be presented for descend burial, as Yaya Jammeh (the self-styled exiled rebel), is enjoys his orange juice in E. Guinea. Well, God exposed them today and he will have to answer for his crime day of Judgement.

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