Gambian leader Adama Barrow is expected to leave the shores of Banjul today to destinations in West Africa.

The President will visit Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana.

This is the first time since his assumption of power that the President is traveling to these nations, which have contributed tremendously to the resolution of the political impasse that gripped the country in the wake of the December 1 presidential election.

The president is expected to hold talks aimed at strengthening bilateral and multi-lateral relations with all the nations in the spirit of Ecowas.

The countries’ leaders played a key role in efforts by the regional Economic Community of West African States, to negotiate a peaceful exit for former President Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh had refused to step down on losing the December 1, 2016 polls.

Jammeh, in the face of advancing troops from Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria deployed by the regional group, subsequently flew out to Equatorial Guinea where he currently lives in exile.

President Barrow early in March fulfilled his promise to make his first international outing to Gambia’s next door neighbour, Senegal, as the leading player in the resolution of the post-December poll standoff.

President Barrow’s Ecowas tour comes about a week after a controversial visit to the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), which divided his country over the alleged undemocratic credentials of President Dennis Sassou Nguesso.

Critics said his visit to the central African nation amounted to an endorsement of President Nguessou, who they say represented everything Jammeh stood for.

Congo’s proximity to Equatorial Guinea, whose leader is a friend of President Nguesso, also formed the basis of suspicion on the role Jammeh’s presence there might have played in the visit.

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