GDC’s PRO Hon Mr. Jallow also called M5, has said that Gambia Democratic Congress has not so far filed any election petition case at the court, contrary to widespread reports following the party expressed concern about the conduct of the recently concluded National assembly election.
Mr Jallow who is the party’s Public Relations Officer said even though the GDC has misgivings about some of the results in constituencies it contested, the party has so far not filed a single case in court.

Mr Jallow said the main issue is that many people have been misunderstanding the GDC and its policies since the very beginning.
Asked if the GDC will not miss the deadline to file its case, Mr Jallow said the when and how will be determined by the party leadership, which has collected all relevant facts about the complaints.

“The party leadership will decide but as for now we have not filed a case. But we are aware of the constitutional requirements,” he said.

On what is the specific concern of the GDC in the election, Jallow said a clear example happened in Bundung where the official results announced by the IEC and the actual figures collected by their agents on IEC forms differ by several dozens. “Also our agents were not allowed to vote where they were posted,’’ he queried. Jallow said if all these irregularities were avoided their candidate would have won Bundung instead of the UDP.

He further alleged that in Sandu, his party was credibly convinced that the GDC won from the results it collected from the spot counting in the entire constituency.
“However, when they went to the Collation center in Basse it was declared that it was the UDP that won,’’ he alleged.

The GDC won 5 out of 52 seats they contested in the April 6 National Assembly election.

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