Gambian Justice Minister, Ababoucarr Tambadou wants to know who gave orders to shoot dozens of students during April 10 & 11, students’ demonstration 17 years ago.

Mr. Ba Tambadou has promised the victims of April 10/11 Students massacre Justice as he join them in solidarity March Pass commemorating 17 Anniversary since the unfortunate incident. Speaking to the press at the Westfield gathering after a match pass, Tambedou himself who served as a lawyer to the student union at that time promised that justice will be serve in accordance with the laws of the state.

‘This is a very dark and unfortunate chapter in the history of this country, 17 years ago I was here as a lawyer and I and my lawyer colleagues represented the GAMSU student at the time and its heartening to see that after 17 years after that they can gather for the first time to express their feelings in a peaceful demonstration. Students came out on the streets armless and were just expressing the brutality meted to their fellow students but unfortunately lives were lost said Mr. Tambedou. All the students wanted was a peaceful demonstration but the former government felt that any exercise of fundamental human rights by the citizens is seen as a challenge of their unquestionable authorities and they acted resulting to the death of the students added Ba Tambedou.

Justice Tambedou went on to assure the victims that justice will indeed be serve but the question is, who gave the orders for the students be shot? The first stage is to find out who gave the order for the students to be shut and why? Is a question that even the family members deserved to know? There was a commission of enquiry set up at that time but they did not answer those questions so we will have to engage them again to seek answers to those questions Justice Tambedou concluded.

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