By: Frederic Tendeng: No spinning and partisan comment can justify or explain the deficit of collaboration between Gambia’s Minister of Interior Mai Fatty and his colleague of Justice, Ba Tambedou on ongoing high profile criminal cases. We are all aware that Yahya Jammeh’s criminal legacy is marred with cases of increased complexity, diversity and multitude. It would be a huge setback for Mai Fatty not to take into account this fact and consider that investigations into high profile cases like the NIA9, require profoundly specialized legal and criminal knowledge of the police while following the due process of law.

By omitting to tap from the undisputed experience of Ba Tambedou on criminal justice system and expeditiously carrying criminal proceedings to court, Mai Fatty undermines the police chances to meet the required law standards and consequently weakens the purpose of upholding the rule of law. In that in as much as the police is empowered to conduct investigations and seek dispensation of justice to NIA suspects, the Ministry of Justice is accordingly empowered to check the investigation conducted by the police and to dispose the case for the prosecution, following the due process of law.

This is critical to ensure the acceptance of court decisions by the accused and strengthen Gambians’ confidence in the new Judiciary system. The brawl in Court premises between families of Solo Sandeng and Yankuba Badjie speaks volume about this critical need.

Mai Fatty should therefore consider routinely collaborating with Ba Tambedou to guarantee the effectiveness of police investigation in each case inherited from Yahya Jammeh’s criminal legacy.

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