Essa Jallow the Press Secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress GDC has tender his resignation after the national assembly election which saw his party securing only five seats from a possible fifty-three.

Speaking to journalist on his reason/s for resigning from the party, Jallow said he has left politics because the overriding reason he joined the field has largely been addressed.

“I have always had a time limit for my involvement in politics and that has gone and I will now concentrate on my profession, media and TV production,” he wrote from his base in the UK.

Mr Jallow further said: “I am done with politics full time. I will only come back if a desperate situation happens but I believe we’ve given our back to what happened in the past”, he said referring to Jammeh’s rule.

Mr Jallow made it clear that he has no misunderstanding with or misgivings about the GDC or any member of the party. ”In fact since I made my intention known to the party, I never mentioned it anywhere. Someone must have leaked it to the press,”he said.

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