Following the announcement by the Gambia’s police that, they had arrested 51 people Yahya Jammeh’s supporters for harassing followers of Adama Barrow, some among the arrested persons have confessed, they received funds to disrupt the ceremony.

The security department said that, the 51 were arrested on Sunday in the western town of Kafenda, a Jammeh stronghold, for insulting people returning from Barrow’s inauguration on Saturday causing intense tension. The supporters were wearing t-shirts branded an image of Jammeh’s face to express their admiration for the ex-leader.

However, some of the arrested defended themselves saying they were provoked by the supporters of the ruling government who were calling Jammeh all sorts of names and saying he was a killer.

The Gambia police force has announced that, an investigation has been launched to establish whether Jammeh was involved as per the provided information.

Source: Aljazeera-Channel

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