Social media went bonkers following news of Mai Ahmed Fatty’s sacking as the country’s Interior minister. Much has been said, sometimes guessed, about reasons for Barrow’s former strongman’s dismissal.

Hardcore government supporters refuse to concede that the GMC leader is sacked, preferring the phrase ‘redeployed’, according to government to ‘foreign service’ – an appointment 1.8 million Gambians are yet to see happen.

He was said to have trousered D15 million Gambian dalasis in what majority believed was a sweetener in the deal that will see him give Belgian company SEMLEX rights to process Gambian Identification cards.

As anticipated, Mai Fatty waived his silence defending his reputation from all fronts saying he wouldn’t mind taking to the courts to protest his innocence. To the shock of many the Semlex story turned out to be cooked up by a certain UDP media outlet which Mai’s sympathisers say was bent on mudslinging the lawyer, though the paper has since offered a grovelling apology which a bitter Fatty is yet to accept.

On the backdrop of this debacle, reports from the grapevine maintain it was his handling of the #Occupy Westfield demonstration that cost him his government job with some even suggesting his strongman style of leadership was viewed as threat to Barrow.

Whatever the case, government is still mute on this sensitive matter with 1.8 million Gambians still awaiting thorough explanation for Mai’s sacking.

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