The public relations officer of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency of The Gambia (DLEAG) Ousman Saidybah has confirmed that more than 10 youths from Bakau have been arrested by the narcotic officers and are currently detained in various police stations within the Greater Banjul area.

He said the incident happened on Wednesday 26th April 2017, when his officers were on their normal patrol in Bakau Farokono, Mamakoto and Newtown, which he said believed to be a ‘No Go Area’ for drug squad officers and they came across some youths. “We conducted a search on them and they were found in possession with suspected cannabis.

After the arrest, the officers wanted to go with them to the nearest police station. But to our surprise, the community of the area with boys coming out with sticks and stones and resisted the officers for taking them away, which led to a confrontation,” he added.

PRO Saidybah added, that during the confrontation, some of the officers sustained some bruises on their hands and faces, as a result they have to call for reinforcement from the PIU personnel to help them. “We have to understand that democracy does not mean you have to engage in illegal activities. I want to put it to them and Gambian youths as well that we will continue to go there and any other places to do our job according to the law,“ he stated.

The DLEAG spokesman explained that those arrested for obstructing will be charged under section 70 (4) (a) and those found in possession of prohibited drugs will be charged under section 35 of the drug control Act 2003. “We will continue on our patrol and we shall not relent on our quest of making The Gambia a drug-free nation.

The drug control act will be enforced to the later without prejudice, fear or favour. Those involved are therefore advised to desist and keep away from drugs. We call on compound heads and communities and all stakeholders to complement government’s efforts in this noble crusade,” he urged.

PRO Saidybah seized the opportunity to advise compound heads who knowingly permit people to abuse or traffick drugs within their premises to desist from such practice, otherwise they will one day become victims of their own doings. The Gambia, he said belongs to all of us and all patriotic and responsible Gambians should work towards national development.

by Momodou Jawo (Daily Observer)

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