Gambian journalists Sheriff Bojang Junior (black t-shirt) and Abdoulie John (white tshirt) arrive in Banjul for the first time in years. Bojang has been in exile since 2007 and John since 2013 – this is their fist time being home in years. Both were arrested by former President Yahya Jammeh’s forces and held by the National Intelligence Agency before fleeing into exile, and both continued to report on their country’s politics while in exile in neighboring Senegal. As Jammeh said he would leave power early in the morning hours of January 21, Bojang and John came home to report finally. When Bojang entered the immigration office to stamp his visa for the fist time since 2007, the immigration officer asked if he was the journalist Sheriff Bojang Jr. When he said he was, the immigraiton officer thanked him for what he had done for Gambia.

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