The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of Duwajabi Foundation Musa Bassadi Jawara, has said his foundation have ready to crate over hundred jobs opportunities for young in 2019.

Jawara was speaking on Friday during the job fair and the Lunching of the Duwajabi foundation held at resident at Lamin Kerewan village he stated that, the foundation, framework for service are strategic program management, resource management, capital formation, project management support functions , market research, risk management plan, quality management plan, development and design a business process to improve an organization’s capability and overall change management strategy, setting up new business entities for foreign investors , general distributor for foreign products , general consulting service advices , provide advisory services to government and energy policy advisory.

He acknowledged that, the Duwajabi,’s foundation belief is that organizations must have solid research and information period to making strategic decisions or implementing a successful organization, development or business strategy.

The project fails to incorrect information about the industry, customers, technology, business solution or the investment, he noted, “it’s our fervent belief that excessive and inordinate bureaucracies are anathema to progress and experience for the business in general “

He when on to say Duwajabi, is seeks to do business difference with three cardinal principals transparency, superior professionalism and simplicity, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” he told the gathering”.

He assured his foundation’s commitment and dedication in ensuring best service delivery, stated that, their goal is to provide advisory services , to develop- long term business relationships with our clients, it’s our mission to provide the highest quality services to our clients and through our strategic partners we select the strongest talents to ensure your success in a dynamic challenging work environment , As we pursue our goal and carry on our mission , nothing will make us compromises our integrity, shortchange the expectations of our clientele or any collaborative business venture, globally.

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