By Alagie Manneh

The Coalition alliance is so far a divided house as far as the upcoming April polls is concerned, following the UDP and NRPs failure to commit themselves to the outcome of negotiations that took between political parties that made up the new government.

Mr Sallah told journalists that all the remaining parties have agreed to throw its back in supporting independent candidates set to contest for the April parliamentary seats in its name, except for those two parties, who are yet to fully commit to the treaty, citing some reservations.

And Mr Sallah told journalists at a press conference at the Kairaba Hotel: “My duty is to report to you that after lengthy deliberations, I am told to tell you that the positon of the Coalition is to participate in this elections on the bases of independent coalition candidates,”

He added: “Of course two parties [UDP and NRP] have reservations. They still have reservations.”

But he insists the “coalition cannot withhold its position because nomination is going to take place on the 9th.

“If we are to maintain the same principle, all of you are fully aware that parties during the Presidential elections had to decide whether they will put up candidates or not until we were left with six presidential candidates while the other parties decided not to. And based on that, these candidates were brought together in order to select one among their number to be an Independent Coalition Presidential candidate.

“So it means that the same principle must be applied if we are going to have coalition independent National Assembly Members, we must look at the candidates that the parites wish to put as andidates and bring them together to narrow the gap so that we end up with one candidate,” Mr Sallah said.

He said the coalition executive, as far as the National Assembly concern, will be giving two criteria as their fundamental base of selection, which is the electability and competence of the candidate.

Sallah argued that without competence, the Gambia is not going to have “a very strong and vialble National; Assembly, and consewquently our objective would have failed.
“So it is in this regard that the coalition has decided that we cannot keep our negotiations secret, but to declare so that those who wish to continue with that policy of collation independent candidates will begin work in harness.”

The UDP and the NRP party are yet to come up with an explanation as far as their “reservation” is concerned.

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