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The New Government Should Be More Consultative Before Acting

By: Buba Mbaye Bojang It’s obvious that formation is more tedious than actualization as laying foundation to any formidable structure require a bank of exclusive...

Say no to tribalism

Tribalism? This can be defined as “the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group”. As a...

Advice to Gambian youths thinking about Europe via the back way

Written by: Kirsten Overgaard Every Gambian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean and other countries in Africa where there is no war, NOBODY will be accepted as asylum-seekers...

Open Letter: To President Macky Sall, the President of the Republic...

MEMO: To: President Macky Sall, the President of Senegal From: Saidina Alieu Jarjou, the Ghetto Spokesperson Date: 31st January, 2017 Re: Cassamance the untold story As per caption refers....

International Aid and Medias a treat to Africa’s development

International Aid and Medias a treat to Africa’s development Historically, the wildlife, natural resources, and culture have made Africa a highly valuable continent to the...

“Ex-President Jammeh: An embarrassment to the Gambia and the Jola tribe

By: FONINKA (David Plaudits Kujabi) I am a young Gambian, a Jola by tribe and hail from Foni Kansala Constituency from a village a few...

Working together to make Gambia sweet again

We must all now work towards a PROSPEROUS nation and make Gambia the SWEETEST country on earth. It starts with loving and dying for...

The Gambia: A lesson to learn for African dictators

On Sunday, hundreds of Banjul residents cheered a military force by ECOWAS, the West African regional bloc, as it entered the capital to provide...

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