The University of The Gambia, is in the verge of turning from being a university to a personal property as many untold stories and tensions are arising now.

On Friday 17th February, 2017. There was two different staff meeting at the UTG as the staff are divided in to camps. Which is demotivating other junior staff as they are not recognized as part and parcel of the UTG.

In another development the VC is having four support staff who have nothing to do, they literally serve as servants to the VC to the extent that if he used the toilet he call on his support staff to flush the toilets for him. As he has an alarm bell in his office which he ring when he need the assistance of the support staff such as flossing the toilet. Can you imagine all this support staff are graduates of the UTG. The VC is paid an undisclosed amount of $50,000 per month which is different from his monthly salary which is on grade 14 of the UTG pay scale.

Currently there is no standard Lab at the university and many student are majoring in science which require labs while the Senior Management Team with the VC bought many luxury cars at the tone of D1.5million each just less than a week. UTG Staff are not happy with the current move made by the VC as some staff disclosed that they might resign as they are not happy which might affect the university.

The VC is taking the UTG as his personal property as he is given a car with his children’s too each and a monthly compound rent of D50, 000. In another development a senior account staff informed the executives that some of the UTG Faculty and Staff Association members will be fired soon on the coming days.

The purchase of the cars was a plan laid and approved by the then VC Prof. Khalil and the governing council. Whiles the plan is implemented by the current VC through the aid of other senior corrupt heads, who are at the UTG for their personal interest. The purchase of the cars was not documented as procedures are not followed as per GPPA act. Prof. Anjum the current VC never did a SWOT analysis neither a feasibility study to know the need of the university as there are classes without seats. The UTG is in a serious mess as things are not in order.

UTG lecturers also find it difficult to have access to internet as they go to the internet cafes in order to have access to internet, what a sham to the University of the Gambia VC. The issue of projectors and markers are also another untold issues as lecturers bring along their projectors which is the duty of the UTG to make available to the lecturers.

A senior staff of the university recommended to this reporter that there is a need to reform the governing council of the UTG since they don’t saw any interest on the university operations. In another development our reporter was clearly informed that staff are not trained when due both national and internationally, these as a result lead to low performance of the UTG staff. Currently at the UTG Lecturers are angry and registering their dissatisfaction to the UTG administration as the UTG is now becoming a center for the survival of the fittest.

At yesterday’s orientation ceremony 20th-02-2017. There was chaos among the staff and the whole student body as the orientation was not properly organized. The most irregularities among them was when a particular Dean was tasked to spoke on behalf of the Deans, who when speaking never elaborate on the interest of the other staff. Is that the UTG we dream where other deans are being marginalized?

By: a correspondent in Banjul

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