Gambiano.Net has just been informed that David Colley is now under police custody. Apparently he was not on the run as feared when we learnt about his unknown whereabouts earlier this morning. He said to have been arrested after handing over his duties to his successor Commissioner Ansumana Manneh.

Reports came to us that David Colley is no where to be seen after police visited his compound yesterday. Mr Colley was needed by the Police who are investigating serious crimes committed by Yahya Jammeh and his assassin team and it is believed that the prison boss knows alot when it comes to touture, killings and dissapearance in the notorious mile 2 central prison.

Our source then concluded his brief update by saying that he is complying with the Gambia police in their investigations as they take on the pains staking task of bringing to justice the atrocities committed by the former regime and it’s perpetrators. will be keeping an eye on any further developents in this story and keep you posted.

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