The Gambia Police has today arrested Tony Gattass, the Lebanese national representing Yahya Jammeh in Carnegie Mineral. Millions of Dalasis in fraudulent activities related to sand mining in The Gambia.

Tony Gattass recently ran away from his office at Sanyang Mining Site, after he realized he was being closely watched by the Police.

Carnegie Minerals, an Australian Mining Company had been operating in The Gambia since 1999, mining mineral sand which were sent abroad. Charlie Northfield, a British national who was in charge of business at the time had issues with the government in 2008. The government revoked their license and sued the company for mining Titanium, Iron Ore and Uranium without giving the true and accurate value to the government and causing a loss of millions.

As of this afternoon, Mr Gattas is being detained at Sanyang Police station. Some days ago, Gambia’s minister of Finance made shocking revelations about an existing dark account at the Central Bank of The Gambia receiving over a hundred million Dalasi in deposits and expenditures for Yahya Jammeh. Gambiano.Net will closely follow the development of the story and do further digging as to why Mr Gattas was arrested.

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