“Unconfirmed reports” have reached Gambiano.net from a correspondent in Banjul that an ECOMIG close aid who was helping the ECOMIG forces to saw the location of the MFDC rebels has been captured by the MFDC rebels in Casamance.

Apparently the ECOMIG forces have been secretly conducting operations in the Gambia against the MFDC in intelligence gathering since their arrival in the Gambia. The said captive is from Batabut Kantora and was captured during his probe in the bushes near the Gambian border to Casamance. When he was captured he said to the rebels that he is looking for his cows in an attempt to dissuade them to no avail.

No mention of his current where abouts and condition where made. We will be following any development that arises in this report and update you promptly. Stay tuned!



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