Another fight broke out between APRC supporters and UDP supporters last night at Talinding . People sustained severed injuries. Some had to be rushed to hospital. The police are helping with investigations.

There’s something distinctly wrong with these APRC supporters undemocratic behavior. Since they lost the elections, they remains fixated on causing trouble, always violently bullying and confronting Coalition supporters.

Indeed, it’s worth recalling that this isn’t the first isolated incident. A similar issue happened in Foni , few months back where they went on rampage attacking non APRC supporters.

This can lead to questions asking how long can we continue to look at these incidents through the now-familiar ideological prism of calling them ” isolated attacks from individual extremists of their party? ”

Whatever you make of these facts, it seems fair to say APRC supporters have to understand Yaya Jammeh cannot be President anymore. This is pretty pathetic stuff.

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