On Thursday, Bern’s justice ordered a former Gambian minister to be arrested by the police. In addition, it formally opened an investigation on suspicion of crimes against humanity.

Christof Scheurer, the information officer of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, said on request that the detention had taken place after the examination of the extensive criminal charges. According to the program “Rundschau” of Swiss television, the minister, the former Gambian interior minister Ousman Sonko – is now in police custody.

It is now a matter of questioning and identifying this person. According to this, the further procedure should be determined on the basis of the survey.

The detention took place in Lyss, as a spokeswoman from the canton police on request said. Sonko has been staying in the Kappelen / Lyss cantonal transit center since November 2016. The criminal complaint against Sonko submitted the Geneva Trial Non-governmental Organization.

Opponents of the recently ousted and exiled Gambian long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh accuse Sonko of being a key figure of the repressive Jammeh regime as Interior Minister. Sonko should be personally responsible for human rights violations.

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