Continuing their investigations into the activities of the Ex-President Jammeh’s Jungulars (Killing Squad), another high profile member of the group called WO1 Ismaila Jammeh has been arrested.
Ismaila Jammeh’s arrest followed when his name was revealed by an other Jungular, who was earlier arrested. Warrant Officer Ismaila Jammeh, according to a detained Jungular, told Military investigators that he participated in the gruesome murder of the late Director General of the defunct National Intelligence Agency(NIA) Daba Marena and co in 2006.

WO1 Ismaila Jammeh, is a serving member of The Gambia Armed Forces and was living at one of Baba Jobe’s residence in Kotu.
It could also be recalled that Ismaila Jammeh was that one, who opened fire in the air at Yundum Barracks during the Political impasse, with a view to cause commotion amongst Soldiers. He is currently helping the military police in their investigations into the killings of Gambians by the former dictator Yaya Jammeh.

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