Written by: Kirsten Overgaard

Every Gambian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean and other countries in Africa where there is no war, NOBODY will be accepted as asylum-seekers in Europe and they are sent home.
Before one could seek asylum for political oppression, torture etc- not any longer.

Because of millions of people being refugees from wars, and right now, the long lasting Syrian war, only refugees from war- zones have a chance, but even that is small.

Young Gambians should now take the opportunity that the new democratically elected government will offer, to contribute to build the Gambia to be a good and secure country, start small businesses, small projects within all sorts of production ( vegetable/ fruit, dairy products, poultry, meat and fish, fashion, design, building etc etc.

Europe doesn´t offer anything, but struggle, hiding, black low paid illegal jobs, hardship.

And to risk one´s life walking accross the continent to a terrible Libya where many young Gambians have gone through terrible things, ending up as one of the 11 000 that have drowned the last 2- 3 years, is not worth it’s while.

The dream of Europe should be replaced by the dream of Africa and Gambia. Because the opportunities are in the Gambia!

To contribute to build a nation is a great and dignified task, to try to run away in Europe means to eat crumbles from the “rich” man´s table.
So please, dear Gambian youths, stay home, make Gambia the heaven it can be with every good Gambian´s effort.

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