The Gambia Armed Forces have refuted reports that two of the most feared members of the Junglers of former president Jammeh, Sanna Manjang and Bora Colley are arrested.

News of the duo’s arrest has been circulating on internet since yesterday.- Advertisement –

A statement from GAF signed by Public Relations Officer Major Lamin Sanyang said the Military Police has not been involved in any arrest of the individuals.

But Government Spokesman Ebrima Sankareh was more emphatic in dismissing the report.

He told The Standard last night that neither Coley nor Manjang has been arrested.

He added: “Regarding your enquiry into the veracity of trending media discussions that two alleged junglers (henchmen) in the Yahya Jammeh regime were apprehended, may I assure you that it’s patently false.

Neither Sanna Manjang nor Bora Colley was arrested as claimed and reported by few radio outlets.

In the wake of recent harrowing revelations of the blatant banditry and barbarism of this hit squad before the TRRC, The Gambia Government like all responsible governments will not be resting on its laurels in pursuing these elements to face justice.

“Government also encourages these alleged junglers and others who may have participated in concert with them to return home and face the TRRC to help in our drive for national healing and closure.

“The Gambia Government takes the issue of torture, murder, state-orchestrated disappearance, and liquidation of its citizens very seriously. Therefore, working with our friends and diplomatic partners, we will make sure that eventually, all alleged perpetrators of these crimes will face justice”.

Meanwhile a senior military officer had told this paper that he would not be surprised about such a development.

“The recent appearance of their former colleagues before the TRRC and the high probability of them getting amnesty or freedom from their current detention, will no doubt encourage those on the run to risk giving up themselves.

It is clear that wherever they may be hiding they could not be comfortable and the prospect of an amnesty and a peace of mind could entice them to come clean as their colleagues have done,” he said.

By Lamin Cham

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